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(Last update: June 17, 2013)

Name Talk Topic Presentation
Algora Alejandro Total absorption applications for neutrino physics pdf
Alvarez-Rodriguez Raquel Testing the SSDH in two-neutrino double-beta decay pdf
Babic Andrej On the Possibility of Leptonic CP Violation Due to Majorana Neutrinos pdf
Barabash Alexander Average and recommended half-life values for two neutrino double beta decay: upgrade-2013 pdf
Barea José Recent results on matrix elements for double beta decay pdf
Bernabei Rita Recent results and perspectives of bb decay experiments with crystal scintillators at Gran Sasso pdf
Blaum Klaus High-precision nuclear mass measurements for double-beta-decay studies pdf
Bobyk Andrzej NME calculations for DBD – a research program pdf
Cermak Pavel - -
Civitarese Osvaldo Review of the properties of the neutrinoless double beta decay nuclear matrix elements pdf
Danevich Fedor R&D of crystal scintillators from enriched isotopes for high sensitivity double beta decay experiments pdf
Deppisch Frank Probing New Physics with Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay pdf
Dvornicky Rastislav Forbidden unique beta decays and neutrino mass pdf
Ejiri Hiro Experimental studies of nuclear matrix elements for neutrinoless double beta decays pdf
Elliott Steven The MAJORANA Demonstrator Project pdf
Engel Jonathan Nuclear matrix elements from three perspectives pdf
Frekers Dieter Nuclear matrix elements for double beta decay from nuclear reactions and electron capture pdf
Gironi Luca New experimental approaches to search for neutrino mass pdf
Hirsch Martin Double beta decay at the LHC pdf
Hodak Rastislav 18Ne production for the Beta beams project pdf
Horoi Mihai Shell Model Nuclear Matrix Elements for Competing Mechanisms Contributing to Double Beta Decay pdf
Iachello Francesco Recent developments in the theory of double beta decay pdf
Kay Benjamin Nuclear structure relevant to the neutrinoless double-beta decay candidate 130Te pdf
Kim HongJoo The AMoRE project searching for neutrinoless double beta decay of Mo-100 pdf
Kochetov Oleg - -
Lindner Manfred Neutrino-less double beta decay as probe of new physics pdf
Macko Miroslav - -
Madathiparambil Joshy Jose Progress in the use of pixel detectors in double beta decay experiment TGV pdf
Mamedov Fadahat - -
Menendez Javier Exploring uncertainties of the Nuclear Matrix Elements of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay pdf
Paes Heinrich Double beta decay and altered dispersion relations pdf
Pakvasa Sandip Pseudo-Dirac neutrinos and neutrinoless double beta decay pdf
Piquemal Fabrice The status of SuperNEMO pdf
Rath P.K. Uncertainties in Nuclear Transition Matrix Elements of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay pdf
Rukhadze Ekaterina Investigations of double beta decay measured by low background HPGe spectometer OBELIX pdf
Rukhadze Nikolay - -
Simkovic Fedor What we know about double beta decay? pdf
Slezak Martin Electron line shape and transmission function of the Katrin monitor spectometer pdf
Smetana Adam Crucial role of neutrinos in the electroweak symmetry breaking pdf
Stefanik Dusan Two-neutrino double beta decay matrix elements within SO(5) and SO(8) models pdf
Stekl Ivan - -
Stoica Sabin New Calculations of the Phase Spaces for DBD pdf, paper
Suhonen Jouni Some recent results on double beta nuclear matrix elements pdf
Tretyak Vladimir Search for rare nuclear decays with HPGe detectors at LNGS STELLA facility pdf
Tretyak Viktor NEMO-3 results pdf
Truhlik Emil Consequence of total lepton number violation in strongly magnetized white dwarfs pdf
Ydrefors Emanuel Nuclear aspects of neutrino-nucleus scattering pdf
Zinatulina Daniya Muon capture studies for the matrix elements in neutrinoless double beta decay pdf
Zuber Kai Status and perspectives of COBRA and SNO+ pdf